Removal Timeline Guideline

"Never too early to start packing"

Four weeks prior to Moving

1. Start packing non essential items into boxes.
2. Use smaller boxes for books, tools and heavy ornaments.
3. Clearly mark the boxes with summary of content and the room the box is to go into.
4. Golden Rule: What fits in a box should go into a box!

How Can We Help! Print out our box labels and tape onto each box - Handy Box Labels Document How Can We Help! We have a full range of good quality packing materials (boxes etc) - Contact us to find out more!

Three weeks prior to Moving

1. Make a list of persons to notify about your move.
2. Keep putting belongings into boxes. Tape boxes shut and label them.
How Can We Help! We have a generic list as a start. You just then need to add to it with your specific companies/organistations - Handy Company Notification Document

Ten Days prior to Moving

1. Organise the final readings for your house services:
2. eg. Gas, Electricity, Telephone etc
3. Finalise outstanding accounts

Seven days prior

1. Cancel local deliveries such as paper delivery
2. Organise for mail to be re-directed.

Three Days Prior to Moving

1. Dispose of flammable liquids
2. Empty fuel from mowers, snippers, chainsaws and empty gas cylinders.
3. Drain water from hoses
4. Dismantle any swing sets or trampolines.
5. Bundle tools and any other shed items that are loose.
6. Confirm your settlement date and time with your removalist.
7. Prepare your essentials list and have a box ready to store your essential items.
How Can We Help! Have a look at our essentials list. Add any items you feel are necessary - Handy Essentials List Document

One Day Prior to Moving

1. Check outside and inside for any items that may have been missed.
2. Empty the refrigerator and freezer and disconnect washing machine hoses.
3. Water and prepare pot plants for the journey.
4. Pack your "essentials" box and check all cupboards, wardrobes, drawers.
The box containing your essentials should not go on the truck so make sure it is clearly labelled.
5. Locate and secure all documents and valuables.

Moving day

1. Please ensure that the driveways and front of the house is clear for the Removalists. 2. If your settlement time changes, please ring the office ASAP on (03)9724 9333

CALL: 03 9724 9333

Contact us with all your local moving needs and we will try to accomodate every requirement.

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