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Useful Removal Tips and Handy Hints

Cartons for Packing
  • Use good quality boxes only.
  • Ensure that the boxes can fit through your doorways.
  • All boxes must be taped and sealed shut.
  • Use smaller boxes for packing books and heavy items such as tools.
  • If using garbage bags for linen /clothing, make sure thay are strong.
  • Lamp shades/globes are to be removed and packed into boxes.
  • Clearly mark on the boxes which room they belong to eg. Kitchen.
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Click Here for our handy box labels that you can print out and tape to your boxes.

"Golden Rule for Packing
Whatever fits into a box must go into a box."
Electrical items - Computers/ Stereo Equipment/ VCR/ DVD
  • Ensure all leads are disconnected and packed into a box.
  • Make sure that there are no CD's left in the player.
  • Do a back-up on your computer before dismantling.
  • T.V. sets and microwaves will be pad wrapped by our Removalists but be sure to remove the plate from the microwave please.
Garage and Sheds
  • Garden tools such as rakes/spades/hoes can be bundled into groups of 3 or 4 and bound with packing tape.
  • Ensure that lawn mowers and snippers have had all fuel removed. We cannot take fuels, paints or gas cylinders for insurance purposes.
  • Drain water from garden hoses.
Outdoor Items
  • Trampoline legs need to be removed and swing sets should be dismantled. We can do this for your if required.
  • All outdoor ornaments should be packed into boxes wherever possible.
On moving day, we suggest that you pack a bag or case with your "essentials" in it such toiletries, medicines, mobile phone charger, phone numbers and a roll of toilet paper in case there isn't any at your new address.
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Click here to view our handy essentials document.
PDF version of the Maroondah removals and storage Handy Hints
PDF Version of these handy hints for printing and later review. Removal Handy Hints Document
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