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Short Term Storage

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Maroondah Removals and Storage can store your belongings for a short to medium term. This is useful where there is a delay in your settlement date. Read about the other reason you may choose to use our short term storage.

Why use Short Term Storage

Difference in settlement dates
You need to get out of one house but your new house is not quite ready for you to move in (eg. building your new house). If you are renting then it would be useful to store some of your non essential items until your new house is ready.
Declutter your house for sale
Having your house ready for sale may involve removing items to make your house look less cluttered. Talk to your real estate agent for their advice.
House renovations - e.g. Resanding your floors
If you are renovating your house then removing items would make the whole process easier. You would not need to keep moving your belongings to paint rooms and sand floor etc.
Moving to the country, interstate and even overseas.
Moving distances may involve travel time. We can store your possessions in one of our containers until you are ready to move. We then put this onto the back of a truck and move it to your new address.
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