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Handy Documents and Downloads

These documents and downloads are designed to make your move go more smoothly. Review and print these documents to see how they can help you!

Move Checklist
Handy checklist document
Download and print a copy of our checklist to remind you of some of the tasks you need to consider during the move process.
How Can This Help!
Remind you of the moving tasks to be done
Box Inventory
Handy box inventory document
Keep track of your packed boxes with our handy box inventory. Number each box then list them here to help finding things later easier. This inventory works really well with our box labels.
How Can This Help!
Keep a list of box numbers and contents.
Box Labels
Handy box labels to stick to your boxes explaining contents
Download and print our handy box labels. There are 3 per page. Fill in the details then tape to the top of the box to remind you of the contents of the box. This will also be useful for our removalists to put the box into the correct room.
How Can This Help!
List the box number and content of each box for later.
Essential Items
Keep a list of your essentials items so you do not lose them on the day
Keep your essential items with you on move day. This handy list will allow you to plan your essential items so you do not forget something that you may need on move day.
How Can This Help!
List of essential items required for move day.
Change of Address Labels
Labels to inform people of your change of address
Use these labels to inform other people and companies of your move. You can fill out the details then copy these handy labels. There are 3 per page which should fit into business sized envelopes.
How Can This Help!
Labels to inform people of your change of address.
Company Notification List
A list of companines that you need to inform about your new address.
Use this list as a guide to ensure that all people and companies know about your new address details.
How Can This Help!
List of companies and orgainsations to inform of your new address.
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