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Removals Frequently Asked Questions

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Once you have decided that you would like to go ahead with your Quotation, call the office and we shall book that in for you. You will be sent a "Confirmation Letter" outlining all the details for you, and letting you know that you have a firm booking for your Removal. Please check the details carefully and advise the office if there is any change. We will then contact you before the Removal day with an arrival time.

If you wish to move on a Thursday or Friday, please notify the office as soon as possible. These are the most popular days for banks to have their settlements and they book up quickly. Should we not have a vacancy on the date of your choice, we would endeavor to accommodate you on the day before or the day after. There is always another plan of attack!

It is our usual policy to give you a call the afternoon before and confirm our arrival time with you. Generally, we like to start loading between 8.00am and 8.30am. If there is a long delay with gaining access to the new property, we can still arrive early and get everything loaded, so you then have a window of time for cleaning, once the furniture has been removed.

When our Sales Representative gives you your Quotation, he will explain to you how the Removal will take place and how long he expects the Crew to take for the Removal process.

No, you are not expected to supply the Crew with refreshments, however, a cup of tea or coffee is very much appreciated, including a cold drink on very hot days!

We ask that, where possible, the Owner is present. That way, your belongings will be taken to the appropriate room and left in the position of your choice. If you cannot be present at the Removal, please appoint an Agent or Representative who can inform the Crew of what needs to go where. We will always endeavor to meet your requirements!

Our Sales Representative will leave you with our "Handy Hints" booklet at the time of your Quotation. This is full of helpful advice and hints to help you prepare. If there is a question that is not answered in the "Handy Hints" booklet, simply call the office and we will be more than pleased to answer any questions.

Sometimes, settlement dates and/or entry dates can be altered. Should this happen, please contact the office AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT so that we may allocate you the day of your choice. Please keep in mind the day you would like may be booked out already, so let us know QUICKLY!

No, we do not take firearms, crossbows or ammunition. We do, however, take empty gun safes and also normal household safes. Please advise the Sales Representative while he is at your property if there is a gun safe or a safe to go in the load.

Where possible, we would ask that ALL fridges are empty for the Removal. Freezer units by themselves are usually OK to travel if the delivery is the same day. If delivery is in a few days or more, empty the freezer.

If your fridge or freezer is coming into Storage, simply wipe the inside with vanilla essence and this will prevent any mould or mildew from forming inside the unit. Ensure all fridge magnets, photos and papers are taken off the fridge, as these will fall off during the Removal.

We ask that you refer to the manufacturer's instructions regarding transport of the washing machine. Front loader washing machines require stabilizer bolts to be placed inside to ensure that the drum does not move around causing damage. If you are having trouble preparing your machine or you simply cannot get the hoses off the taps, let the office know and we will ensure that this is done on Removal day.

Yes, we are very experienced in moving piano's, pianollas, organs, pool tables, games tables and the like.

Yes, our Crew are very experienced at moving antique furniture. Please point out any items while your Quote is being completed.

Yes, we do move plants. Inform the Sales Representative at your Quotation as to how many plants are to be taken. We ask that all spiders/bugs are removed from the pots before they are loaded into the truck with your household items.

When moving Interstate, please check with Quarantine Australia as to whether you have any plants that are forbidden from being taken into that State. Your garden tools and boots may have to be cleaned before they are taken also.

We ask that drawers are emptied before the Removal. Drawers that contain weight can move around in the unit and damage the runners for the drawer, whilst in transport. Clothes can be packed into boxes or striped bags for transport. We provide Porta Robes for transport of hanging clothes and these can be supplied, upon request, for a fee of $8.00 (hire) per Robe.

If you have elected to have ALL your goods packed by us, we ask that you ensure that items such as phone numbers, keys for garage doors and controls for split systems, instruction manuals for appliances in the house, mobile phone chargers, medicines that are needed, kids requirements (feeding items, favourite toys and/or teddys etc) are kept separate so that they are not packed. Anything else that you would like to take with you should be separated. Inform the packing staff on the day as to what they cannot pack.
We ask that, where possible, blue tacked pictures are taken off the walls prior to our arrival.

If we are to pack food stuffs, ensure that any open packets, such as rice or pastas, have been securely closed with an elastic band or the like to save spillages inside the box.

Please empty your hose of all water ‐ this will leak inside the truck.

If you elect to pack your own belongings and you find that time is running out or you have some items that you just are not confident in packing, simply call the office and we can organize for a member of staff to pack the remainder of your items for a small fee per carton. This service can come in handy for those "breakables and delicate" items that you are not confident packing yourself, or if you have small children and cannot find the time! Please don't panic, we are here to help!

Pack one room at a time ‐ put all ornaments together, all similar items together

Place heavier items at the bottom of the box

Label each box with the room name and a brief description of what is inside the box.

When you have finished unpacking, simply call us and we will collect them for you at the nearest possible time. This is a free service to our customers.

Should this happen, please advise the Office IMMEDIATELY. If you cannot get into the new property, but have to be out of your current property, your goods can be stored at our depot until such time as you can gain entry. The truck would still load all items, but come back to our depot instead of going to the new property. A small fee may apply.

Upon completion of delivery, our Crew will come to you with the paperwork and ask how you would like to pay for the account. We accept Visa/Mastercard (there is a 2% surcharge for credit cards), personal cheque, bank cheque, internet transfer or cash. Once the account is paid, you will be issued with a receipt.

If you wish to pay by Internet Transfer, please ensure that this is done on the day of the Removal.

No, we generally do not ask for a deposit. There may be special circumstances where a deposit would need to be paid, but this would be specified during your Quotation, before the removal.

If you have goods to be stored, you will receive an Invoice at the start of each month. This will be an Invoice for Storage Fees for the coming month. Should you decide that you want your goods delivered before the end of the month, we would only charge you until the day of delivery. The exact amount owing would be sent to you in a "Confirmation Letter" for your booking for delivery.

Your goods would be stored at our depot in Kilsyth. We have Containerized Storage, wherein, the Crew load all your items straight into a Container, which you can place your own lock on if you wish. Our Sales Manager will be able to tell you what size storage you require and set you a price for your Storage fees.

Transit Insurance is for cover for the loading of items, transport of items and unloading of items. If we are packing your belongings, this is also covered. Should anything be damaged during these processes, the insurance cover would apply. Please note, our vehicles and Staff are fully covered.

As we are not an Insurance Broker, we cannot give you a Policy. We can, however, refer you to Carts Removals Insurance whereby you can obtain a free quotation. The process is very simple and easy to understand. Their website is mentioned in our "Handy Hints" booklet for your information. We also advise you to contact your own Insurance Company to find out if they have this type of Cover for their customers and, if so, compare the prices.

Call the office IMMEDIATELY and we will consult with you as to whether the size of the load will change and ultimately the price. This information is very important to ensure that we have the correct size vehicle for your belongings.

Generally, for interstate removals, we would pre-load your items one or two days before delivery. This would ensure that the Crew are at delivery on the specified date, refreshed and rested and your removal is as swift and efficient as possible. Usually when we pre-load one day to a few days before, we leave you with the beds, tv and fridge and any essential items. Please notify the Crew as to what you would like left.

Due to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, the Crew are not permitted to work without shoes. If you are concerned about your floor coverings, advise the office and we will ensure that extra pads are taken to cover the floors.

Once you have been advised of your date for delivery to your new property, call the office immediately. If the day you require is booked out already, we will work with you to organize the best possible time and day. Making a tentative booking when your items are picked up is always a good idea, but we do understand that sometimes you do not know and will not know until the date is closer, especially when a house/unit is being built.

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