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"Never too early to start packing"

This countdown will give you a rough timeline of when to perform moving tasks. Try our little fun countdown calculator - just put in your moving date then press calculate.
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Four weeks prior -
  • Start packing non essential items into boxes.
  • Use smaller boxes for books, tools and heavy ornaments.
  • Clearly mark the boxes with summary of content and the room the box is to go into.
  • Golden Rule - What fits in a box should go into a box.
How Can We Help!
Print out our box labels and tape onto each box - Handy Box Labels Document
How Can We Help!
We have a full range of good quality packing materials (boxes etc) - Packing Materials
Three weeks prior -
  • Make a list of persons to notify about your move.
  • Keep putting belongings into boxes. Tape boxes shut and label them.
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We have a generic list as a start. You just then need to add to it with your specific companies/organistations - Handy Company Notification Document
Ten Days prior -
  • Organise the final readings for your house services:
    • eg. Gas, Electricity, Telephone etc
  • Finalise outstanding accounts
Seven days prior -
  • Cancel local deliveries such as paper delivery
  • Organise for mail to be re-directed.
Three days prior -
  • Dispose of flammable liquids
  • Empty fuel from mowers, snippers, chainsaws and empty gas cylinders.
  • Drain water from hoses
  • Dismantle any swing sets or trampolines.
  • Bundle tools and any other shed items that are loose.
  • Confirm your settlement date and time with your removalist.
  • Prepare your essentials list and have a box ready to store your essential items.
How Can We Help!
Have a look at our essentials list. Add any items you feel are necessary - Handy Essentials List Document
One day prior -
  • Check outside and inside for any items that may have been missed.
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer and disconnect washing machine hoses.
  • Water and prepare pot plants for the journey.
  • Pack your "essentials" box and check all cupboards, wardrobes, drawers. The box containing your essentials should not go on the truck so make sure it is clearly labelled.
  • Locate and secure all documents and valuables.
Moving day -
  • Please ensure that the driveways and front of the house is clear for the Removalists.
  • If your settlement time changes, please ring the office ASAP on (03)9724 9333
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